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Thump! Thump!

Thump! Thump!


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Pocket Poet Series #6


“Jonathan S. Baker’s latest release, Thump! Thump! contains just ‘one poem,’ or so he tells me…At first, we are introduced to the narrator, who, for all intents and purposes, exhibits total paranoia. However, perhaps it is not unfounded. Immediately, we discover there is ‘a stranger…an observer…a watcher…’ who seems to be keeping tabs on the narrator’s existence, but for what purpose? Is the narrator being executed? Is he being autopsied? Is he floridly psychotic? Thump! Thump! is a ride unto madness, perhaps even, self-reflection. It is Dostoyevsky meets Brautigan. It is simple yet captivating. Beyond all this, it is Jonathan S. Baker.”

– Tohm Bakelas : poet, editor of Between Shadows Press

5"x7 "| perfectbound chapbook | 34 pgs