LRP 2022 lineup announcement!

We have a full slate of amazingly talented writers coming at ya! It's been a great(read exhausting) first year, and it's shaping up to be even better next year.

Stay posted for more details, and make sure to support your local authors, artists, businesses, etc. It's not just a book you're buying; it's the culmination of countless hours of work. Thanks for the support! December-ish 21' Seppuku Quarterly issue #2 - various 1/1/22 The Absence and Other Poems - John D Robinson 1/18/22 Daily Worship - Aimee Nicole 2/1/22 We Live the Songs - Steve Zmijewski 3/1/22 Waiting in Phnom Penh - Luke Young 3/15/22 Generation Zero - U.V. Ray 4/1/22 Windswept - Paul Cordeiro 5/1/22 Alec Baldwin Alec Baldwin Alec Baldwin - Victor Clevenger

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