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Busy, Busy!

Hello all!

It's been a busy year so far. This spring and summer we had the release of A Six-pack for Chinaski and Bingo & The Cockless Wonders. Also the 1st issue of Seppuku Quarterly came out this month. Later this month my new collection of poetry is coming out as well.

I'm working hard on Ploieşti, by Kevin Tosca, and we're looking at a late September early October release for it.

October 1st- 31st submissions will reopen for the 2nd issue (SQ002) of Seppuku Quarterly, so don't sleep on it!

I'm also pleased to announce Laughing Ronin Press will publish "Famous Long Ago" by Howie Good (Winter 21') and "Daily Worship" by Aimee Nicole (January 22')

It's been a great year for reading, writing, and networking with some great artists and publishers.

Joseph Fulkerson

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