I'm hard at work on the first title to be released by the press. "A Six-pack for Chinaski" will be released this spring. It'll be a "5x7" chapbook, around 35 pages. More details to come in the near future. 

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Punk may be dead, but poetry is alive and well, comrades!
Have you ever asked yourself, "I want to read poetry, but I don't want to lug around an armload of heavy books?"
Well, we were listening from a safe and undisclosed location when you said that.
Also, you should probably get that mole checked out...
At any rate, we would like to introduce the "Pocket Poet Series" of titles from LRP. 
A series of poetry collections you can fit in your front pocket, back pocket, jacket pocket, or any pocket you deem appropriate!
Our R&D department has worked tirelessly utilizing state-of-the-art military grade technology to fill these pages to capacity with full-size poetry. 
We're talking Chock-full of poetic euphoria!
So say goodbye to doomscrolling or - God forbid - striking up a conversation because you'll be nose deep in verse!
1st title announcement for this series coming soon!

Side effects may include:stimulated creativity, elevated intellect,death, difficulty breathing,happiness, increased libido