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Danny D. Ford’s poetry & artwork has appeared in numerous online & print titles, including ‘Sucking on a Wet Pint’ – Anxiety Press 2022, ‘Uphill Smuggle’ – Two Key Customs 2022, ‘Ponderous Flukes’ – River Dog Press, 2022 ‘Rocket Propelled Rectum’, ‘Three Poets 5’ – Hickathrift Press 2021, 2022, ‘Garçon Means Boy’, ‘Seven Letter Cities’, ‘Sunshine Junkie’, & ‘Slides for Alberto’ - Between Shadows Press 2021, 2022, 2023, ‘Raffle’ & ‘Wellbeing’ Poems For All, 2021 'Perforated by Sirens' (w/ Mark A. Pearce) - Analog Submission Press, 2020.
Other titles include ‘Flexeril Haikus’ by T. Bakelas, ‘The Beast With Three Legs’ by G.Anderson – Between Shadows Press, 2021, 2022, ‘Paper and Ink Zine’, & ‘SINGLES’ – Scumbag Press, 2022, ‘CAPGRAS’, ‘COTARD’, ‘Haikus, Nearkus, Fauxkus & Fuckyous’ Between Shadows Press,  'Double Feature' by J.Dorsey & M.James- Analog Submission Press, 2021, Cacti Fur, Inefável, Horror Sleaze Trash, Punk Noir Magazine, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Dumpster Fire Press, Superpresent Magazine, Cephalo Press, Obscure Quarterly, Impspired, Albany Poets, Ancient Heart Magazine, Black Listed Magazine, Dark Lane Quarterly Collaborative, Lazybox, Bare Hands, Down in the Dirt, Resurrection Magazine, BS Poetry Magazine, Coronaverses, Winamop, Voleger Literary Magazine, Loud Coffee Press, Blue As An Orange Magazine, Mercury Retrograde Magazine, Dreich Magazine, The Dope Fiend Daily, Cajun Mutt Press, Bold Monkey Review, The Rye Whiskey Review, Mythos Zine, ‘Seppuku’ - Laughing Ronin Press, A Thin Slice of Anxiety, Word Vomit Zine, The Pen Name Newspaper, & Misfit Magazine.   

The Unfolding Head can be found in Bergamo, Italy, where he is co-founder & compère of Dust Your Broom open-mic night & print collective Never Kill a Rainbow.

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